Agora Engineers

About Us

Company designed for the Future, available at the Present

We are a community of self-motivated engineers with collective corporative vision, enabled by the Cloud Technology to collaborate in achieving our common goal – solving engineering challenges.

We subscribe to the International Co-operative Alliance principles, and our company is registered and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, the same authority that regulates UK banks.

We are powered by Amazon Web Services providing secure and on-demand cloud computing platforms to solve your challenges using state of the art technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, AI, advanced simulations, real-time asset management, enhanced SAP, Digital Twin and Augmented / Virtual Reality.

We have vast years of experience – current member’s years of experience ranges from 20 years to 45 years. We have diverse industry experience including oil and gas, manufacturing, power, utilities, building and infrastructure. Our members are growing, so will our collective experience and industry coverage over time.

We operate in the Cloud – no office overheads, no travel to work, no visa for international work, no location boundaries, no people barriers (e.g. gender, race, nationality)  – just real-time high quality work at competitive cost and much faster delivery time compared to traditional engineering work execution practices.


All you need is passion for solving engineering challenges, qualified as an engineer and have experience undertaking engineering activities. Membership fee is £1 per annum and you’ll have shared ownership of the company.


If you have challenges in your design, need optimisation in your operation or curious how cutting edge technologies can leverage competitive advantage for your business, and at the same time requiring solution in a cost competitive and efficient way - let's talk!