What We Do

We do what engineers do best, solve challenges

We are a new company with growing number of engineers all around the world, and that gives us long term sustained competitive advantage – continuous accumulation of collective knowledge and skills of solving  challenges.

We utilise one of the most powerful and secure cloud computing platform in the world to connect and work together real-time much quicker than traditional engineering companies. Our members will be having the latest tools such as drafting, simulations and productivity from the cloud. Our real-time connected environment enables us to instantly establish progress or identify risks, and in turn provides efficient and effective project management and reporting – saving time and money.

Since we mostly work in the Cloud, we literally have close to no overheads – no office operation cost, no travel costs for our employees and no visa requirements for multinational workforce, except for site visits, site supervision or when requested by client. As a result, our services will be cost competitive and efficient in comparison to traditional engineering companies


Our Current Capabilities

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Engineering Design & Review

We are a community of highly experienced and talented engineers working together by means of the Cloud. While our resources are available in different locations in the world, we are always near you – thanks to the Cloud connectivity. We provide engineering services during all the phases of a project, namely Conceptualisation, Front End Engineering, Detailed Design, Construction, Commissioning and Start Up. Our rates are extremely competitive since we don’t use our resources to pay for offices and building services that we don’t need.

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Operations & Maintenance Support

Our engineers are highly qualified and can provide technical assistance and support for operations and maintenance to overcome difficult technical issues. We have compiled and properly documented many operational issues that occurred in different equipment, units or plants around the world.  This information is a valuable repository of solutions to technical issues that can be used as a reference to expedite the solution of your operations problem.

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Studies are the angular stone of any engineering design, and are needed to provide essential information for conceptualisation, feasibility, risk and other engineering assessment activities. Our engineering team has conducted and being part of many studies for different industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Utilities, among others. Based on those studies several companies have taken sound decisions on highly complex issues.
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Big Data & Analytics

Data is being considered the most valuable resource of this century, but data requires special tools to be analysed to transform it into information, especially Big Data because of Volume, Variety and Velocity. These special tools are grouped in a discipline known as Big Data Analytics. Our team has the skills needed to collect, process and analyse your data to extract valuable information from it.

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Asset Management

This refers to the systematic approach to the governance and realisation of value from the assets an entity or group are responsible for, this for the time over the whole life cycles of the asset. Asset Management can revert significant benefits to the organisations where it is applied but requires deep technical assessment of Asset Management Standards (PAS 55, ISO 55000 Series) and strong engineering and operation support experience. Our team can provide both these requirements.

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Internet of Things

Internet of things is the technology to collect the information needed for proper management of plants, systems or devices. The sensors can be installed anywhere provided there is an Internet connectivity. Our company can design the whole application; from the sensor location to the user access.

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Standards & Best Practices Review

Our extensive experience handling standards and engineering practices from different countries under different regulations make us the best resource in case you want to make sure your design will comply with all the required standards, regulations and best practices of the specific project location. Our engineers also have extensive operations and maintenance experience where we can review your existing procedures and recommend best practices to further improve your operations.

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Project Management

We have highly qualified engineers with sound project management experience under their belt. Thanks to our deep technical experience, we are able to plan, execute and manage projects consistently and reliably without compromising design intent or quality. Utilising the Cloud, we enable real-time progress monitoring and reporting, allowing us to make timely critical decisions throughout the project, managing risks effectively and delivering optimised engineering and value to our client.

Process Safety & Asset Integrity

Every engineering design or project shall integrate Process Safety and Asset Integrity in their basic considerations. Lack of proper attention to these two categories sometimes invalidates the whole purpose of the engineering design.  It is of the paramount importance to provide a detailed analysis of all the Process Safety and Asset Integrity considerations of a given engineering project. We have the capabilities to prepare these analyses and provide sound recommendations.
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

These terms have become buzzwords of this time, all around us we can find examples of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, AI assistants are installed in our mobile phones, in our computers, even in our domestic appliances and vehicles. We use machine learning algorithms to make predictions or find out correlations, patterns and sequences that could not be seen before. Our team of engineers have the knowledge and the tools to make use of AI and Machine Learning algorithms to improve your business or engineering design.

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SAP is an enterprise software system utilised by many companies and corporations. Our company have the resources to do programming on SAP (ABAP) as required to customise your needs.

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